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MediaStars Commentary

The Producer Shortage Crisis

The Producer Shortage Crisis: Why Producers (and Companies) Need Agents To Fix It
by Beth Johnson
It’s no secret that there is a chronic shortage of quality producers in the TV news business.
More people want to be on air. Many people think they will earn more money and be treated
with more respect if they are on-air. And with the growing emphasis on creating powerful content
for social media, already overworked and underpaid producers are seeing their job duties grow
exponentially. This is creating not just a shortage, but a crisis in the industry. There are too few
quality people to go around. And mistakes are happening daily, causing stations and frankly the
TV news industry as a whole to continue losing credibility among the public.

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Why Do You Need An Agent?

This may surprise you, but I partly became one because I did not like how most agents represent people. So when writing this article, I am going to be blunt. You should have expectations for your agent, and you need to go into the relationship with those clearly defined.


Why You Need An Agent:

Best Shot At Jobs




Most people get an agent to get a job. You probably know that we know where the jobs are, often before they are posted. You've probably heard that agents help get you more money. It’s all true. We know what markets and even individual stations pay. We also build relationships with companies and stations to make sure our clients are compensated well. But this can and should entail more than money.

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Negotiating Your Social Media Success

Five years ago, if you had told me I'd be negotiating who has control of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc) into talent contracts, I'd probably have looked at you like you were crazy. After all, why would anyone care who controls the photos of the food you ate or what you did last night after work? Turns out, A LOT of people care. Successful social media translates into the power to move eyeballs from the computer/tablet/mobile screen to the TV screen. That means as a talent, you need to protect yourself.

Jenni Hogan 

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NBC Apology

From: Capus, Steve (NBCUniversal) 
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 11:47 AM
To: @NBC Uni Affiliate General Managers; @NBC Uni StND; @NBC Uni Affiliate Board; @NBC Uni Affiliate Relations; Dietze, Jean (NBCUniversal); Horner, Robert (NBCUniversal); Siegel, Lloyd (NBCUniversal); Harbert, Ted (NBCUniversal); Staab, Valari (NBCUniversal); Fili-Krushel, Pat (NBCUniversal); Kelly-Brown, Kathy (NBCUniversal)
Cc: Miller, Adam (NBCUniversal); Kopf, Megan (NBCUniversal); Bell, Jim (NBCUniversal); Wallace, Alexandra (NBCUniversal); Lynn, Amy (NBCUniversal)
Subject: TODAY on NBC


Today’s extensive coverage of the Embassy attacks underscores the true strength of NBC News as well as the significant talents of Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, Richard Engel, Andrea Mitchell, Peter Alexander, Kristen Welker, Chuck Todd, among many others. We committed substantially more airtime to this important breaking news story than other broadcasts: from the first Today show reports at 7am ET… through a one hour-plus special report. 



All week, Ann Curry has delivered unique coverage of the refugee crisis on the Syrian border. Simply put, this is the only news organization devoting this much attention to these kinds of stories.

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Demo Tape Critique

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or are a veteran broadcaster, you know there’s nothing more important than your demo tape. Start  advancing your broadcasting career today.

Amy Bryant Sullivan named News Director for KVII in Amarillo from Executive Producer at KTUL in Tulsa.

WOIO investigative reporter SCOTT TAYLOR is joing us as a client.

We're happy to welcome WMAR-TV anchor CHARLES CROWSON to our Agency.

After 12 years as primary anchor at KOKI-TV in Tulsa, OK - CHERA KIMIKO signs a deal to become the primary anchor at another station in the marekt.

KIM QUINTERO joins KTVK-TV Phoenix, AZ as weekend meteorologist from the same position at WYFF-TV in Greenville, SC.

KEVIN McCARTHY joins 'Fox & Friends' on the Fox News Channel as an entertainment reporter/film critic.

AMANDA ZITZMAN joins us as a new client from WLTV-TV in Jacksonville, FL.

ANTHONY BAILEY re-signs as weekend meteorologist and investigative reporter at KBAK-TV in Bakersfield, CA.

Proud to announce Tulsa superstar anchor CHERA KIMIKO is joining our client list.

We're happy to welcome former New Jersey Nets personality JACLYN SABOL to our client list.

JOCE STERMAN, senior investigative reporter and weekend anchor at WMAR-TV, joins as a new client.

After graduating from ASU, LINA WASHINGTON is headed to KGET-TV in Bakersfield, CA as weekend sports anchor.

After a whirlwind of offers, MARC MULLINS heads to WRTV-TV in Indianapolis as AM anchor from anchor/reporter at KMTR-TV in Eugene, Oregon.

After starting out part-time, MIKE MASCO becomes a staff meteorologist at WMAR-TV in Baltimore.

Former "Project Runway" model XAVIERA TYTLER joins us as a new client.

ADRIENNE MOORE moves across the country to Post-Newsweek's WJXT-TV as weekend anchor. She leaves KFMB-TV in San Diego.

KO IM makes a huge jump to WUSA-TV, Washington DC as a reporter from reporter/anchor at WBOC in Salisbury, MD

Congratulations to TONY PERKINS - the former Good Morning America weather anchor signs a multi-million dollar deal to become the AM news anchor at Fox O&O WTTG in Washington, DC.

Discovered on Twitter, JESSICA REYES becomes the new co-host of nationally syndicated "The Daily Buzz". Jessica was an on-air personality at CBS radio in Tampa.

JILLIAN PAVLICA becomes the weekend anchor at WAAY-TV in Huntsville, AL from reporter/fill-in anchor at WDEF in Chattanooga.