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Cameron Harper

Cameron Harper can spot talent and turn it into great success. 


He's an award winning journalist with 25+ years of experience as a reporter in the trenches, a primary anchor and news manager in some of the largest markets in the country (San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix).  His investigative reporting helped change laws, sent crooks to jail, exposed political corruption and even led to the impeachment of a Governor.  He’s reported from 26 countries on everything from war zones to the Olympics. Cameron’s work has been honored with a dozen Emmys and other national awards.


Cameron has a deep network of contacts with decision makers, news executives and headhunters in television, social media and video production who often call on him in their search for talent. Cameron knows the skills they want to see.  He’ll help you make your work shine and your demo 'pop'.


Cameron is a leader who understands the pressure filled reality of today’s newsrooms.  He’s a mentor who’s there when you need advice


When you’re looking for the next step in your career, Cameron knows how to help you get there.  He knows what you’re going through because he’s been there.


Cameron lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where he enjoys mountain biking and hiking in the Sonoran desert. He's also never met a barbeque grill he didn’t like.


Follow Cameron on Twitter and drop him an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Click here to watch Cameron in action.