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Talent Agency FAQs

How do I Find a Talent Agent?
What's the best way to contact a Talent Agent?

Please read through some of our more popular frequently asked questions and email us with anything that comes to mind.

What kind of demos do you accept?

We accept digital links. Please make sure that you’ve watched your demo before sending it to us. Nothing is more frustrating (or unprofessional) than a link that has no audio or doesn't work.

What do you look for when considering a client?

We’ve been doing this for a long time and have hired hundreds of talent. We look for the “WOW” factor or the POTENTIAL for “WOW!”

There are thousands of people who want to be on TV. We both want to be successful.  Remember this is a subjective business. A thick skin is needed. If we say “no”, someone else may say “superstar.”  Persistence.

What should be on my demo?

That totally depends on what job you’re applying for.

Generally speaking, on-air talent should have a brief montage of your absolute best work, followed by a couple of minutes of continuous anchor segments and then a couple of examples of your best reporting. Your demo should be no longer than 15 minutes. Producers should include entire shows, edited for commercials, and include a written self-critique and background about the show, resources, etc.

Other talent agencies make my demo, why don’t you?

We’re not in the editing business. You work in a multi-million dollar facility that has the most expensive and hopefully the latest video/audio equipment available.

We will work closely with you to choose and agree upon the best content for your demo.

I’ve heard that talent agents send huge composite reels, do you?

We will NEVER send a composite tape of multiple clients.

We market you as an individual, matching your skills with the company’s needs. Sometimes clients will be interested in the same jobs but ultimately it’s the choice of the station on who best fits what they’re looking for.

Your corporate office is Phoenix, AZ Will that hurt my chances of getting hired?

Absolutely not!

We’re on the phone constantly with managers across the country, with stations/networks in LA, Chicago, NY, DC, Atlanta, Orlando, etc. It’s not “where” you are located; it’s the quality of your talent, the specific need of the company, and the reputation of your agency.

In order to make it into the top markets, you have to have one of the big names. Is that true?

We can tell you from experience that while a reputable agent can get a ND or recruiter to LOOK at your demo, only YOUR talent will make them want to hire you. No company is going to hire someone just because “Mr. Bigshot Agent X” called and said so.  And keep in mind, agents at those big agencies are competing against each other for the job you want.

I hear some talent agencies charge upfront or retainer fees; do you?

We will never charge upfront fees. In fact, if someone says they need $500 to start representing you, RUN FAST! We don’t make a penny until we negotiate you a deal.

I hear that talent agents charge 10% every year. What are your commission rates?

Our commission rates are confidential – between our clients and us. Each person is unique. Each situation is different. There is a lot of time, effort, money and expertise that goes into marketing a client, however, the commission structure for a person starting out at $20,000 should be different than a person making $3,000,000.

What if I just want a negotiation only deal?

If you have an offer on the table, or are a veteran that just doesn’t feel comfortable sitting in front of the GM at contract renewal time, we can help. We have several clients that are “negotiation only.” We’ll quote you a one-time fee for this service.

Can you guarantee me a job or more money?

No and if an agent does, hang up the phone. What we can guarantee is that you will be marketed with the most aggressive and extensive experience possible. Because we have clients in all sized markets, we have a broad knowledge of what to expect during salary negotiations. We also strive, whenever possible, to obtain more than one offer so as to leverage the best financial deal available.

How long will it take to get a new job?

If we could answer that, we would be the host of Medium. There are many factors that play into a job search; talent market preferences, economy, budgets, specific needs of the company, focus group responses, research and subjectivity. We’ve had job searches as short as two weeks and others more than a year.  If you’re our client, we’re with you for the long run, not just a quick “hit.”

Do you look at every demo?

Yes. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to have their work viewed and their skills evaluated. We’re a very selective agency so we cannot possibly offer representation to everyone.  Those that are chosen can feel confident that we see great potential and promise in your work.

Do I have to sign a contract and is it exclusive?

Yes, all clients are required to sign exclusive contracts. Imagine having multiple agencies submit the same talent for openings. It would be very confusing and present an unfocused appearance. Our goal is to sign clients and help them grow. That takes time. Our contracts are approved and regulated by the Industrial Commission of the State of Arizona.

I sent tapes out myself. What if I get a call from a news director on my own?

All contracts signed while under a representation agreement with us are subject to commissions. If we only received commissions on the jobs we brought to a client, then we would in essence be competing with that client to find jobs. A conflict would also arise if both the agent and the client submitted a tape. We do not charge upfront or retainer fees for dubbing, packaging, mailing and calling on stations. That’s a significant expense with no guarantee of a return. We do understand that sometimes the client generates interest, so we offer a commission structure to reflect this situation

What if I want to work in programming or become a host?

We have many clients who are hosts, producers, or reality cast members. While casting directors often look for experience, they are also looking for personality, energy, uniqueness, and that “it” factor that will make their project successful. Our advice is to be yourself and demonstrate what sets you apart from the others looking for the same opportunity. It’s important to be realistic in your expectations. Not everyone can host Entertainment Tonight. We can help guide you through this process.

What if I’m just starting out with no experience? Do I need an Agent?

While it’s true that entry-level salaries are pitiful, do you know what the going rate is? What if the news director says you MUST sign three years or even five years with no outs? What protection do you have in your contract? What happens if you’re laid off or fired? What are the other people making in similar positions in the market? What protection do you have if a much larger station offers you triple your salary in two years? Who’s going to give you feedback on your story construction? Wardrobe? Writing? Delivery? What if they hired me as a reporter and now want me to anchor but don’t want to pay more money because I’m already “under contract?” If you feel comfortable sitting in the ND or GMs office arguing these points, then you probably don’t need us. Rest assured, we do offer commission structures for entry-level positions.

Are you a lawyer?

No, but we have negotiated hundreds of contracts. Unless you’re hiring a very specialized attorney in entertainment/broadcast law, you will get a call from your dad’s friend who’s an attorney telling you how “crazy you are” to sign either the contract with the station you showed them or your representation agreement. They simply don’t understand the industry. You wouldn’t go to a podiatrist for new glasses or a plumber to wire your house. Rest assured, we do have media savvy General Counsel should the need arise for legal opinions.

What if I don’t want to take a job?

Our job is to advise, counsel, recommend, and listen. At the end of the day, you are the one that has to live in the market, work at the station, and pay your bills based on the salary offered. It’s your decision. We work for you. If you decide to decline an offer, we keep looking.

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Featured Clients


Demo Tape Critique

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or are a veteran broadcaster, you know there’s nothing more important than your demo tape. Start  advancing your broadcasting career today.

Amy Bryant Sullivan named News Director for KVII in Amarillo from Executive Producer at KTUL in Tulsa.

WOIO investigative reporter SCOTT TAYLOR is joing us as a client.

We're happy to welcome WMAR-TV anchor CHARLES CROWSON to our Agency.

After 12 years as primary anchor at KOKI-TV in Tulsa, OK - CHERA KIMIKO signs a deal to become the primary anchor at another station in the marekt.

KIM QUINTERO joins KTVK-TV Phoenix, AZ as weekend meteorologist from the same position at WYFF-TV in Greenville, SC.

KEVIN McCARTHY joins 'Fox & Friends' on the Fox News Channel as an entertainment reporter/film critic.

AMANDA ZITZMAN joins us as a new client from WLTV-TV in Jacksonville, FL.

ANTHONY BAILEY re-signs as weekend meteorologist and investigative reporter at KBAK-TV in Bakersfield, CA.

Proud to announce Tulsa superstar anchor CHERA KIMIKO is joining our client list.

We're happy to welcome former New Jersey Nets personality JACLYN SABOL to our client list.

JOCE STERMAN, senior investigative reporter and weekend anchor at WMAR-TV, joins as a new client.

After graduating from ASU, LINA WASHINGTON is headed to KGET-TV in Bakersfield, CA as weekend sports anchor.

After a whirlwind of offers, MARC MULLINS heads to WRTV-TV in Indianapolis as AM anchor from anchor/reporter at KMTR-TV in Eugene, Oregon.

After starting out part-time, MIKE MASCO becomes a staff meteorologist at WMAR-TV in Baltimore.

Former "Project Runway" model XAVIERA TYTLER joins us as a new client.

ADRIENNE MOORE moves across the country to Post-Newsweek's WJXT-TV as weekend anchor. She leaves KFMB-TV in San Diego.

KO IM makes a huge jump to WUSA-TV, Washington DC as a reporter from reporter/anchor at WBOC in Salisbury, MD

Congratulations to TONY PERKINS - the former Good Morning America weather anchor signs a multi-million dollar deal to become the AM news anchor at Fox O&O WTTG in Washington, DC.

Discovered on Twitter, JESSICA REYES becomes the new co-host of nationally syndicated "The Daily Buzz". Jessica was an on-air personality at CBS radio in Tampa.

JILLIAN PAVLICA becomes the weekend anchor at WAAY-TV in Huntsville, AL from reporter/fill-in anchor at WDEF in Chattanooga.