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Eddie Paul

**Check Out Eddie's Latest Video COP SHOP below**

Eddie Paul is owner and President of E.P. Industries, Inc. located in Southern California for over 35 years.  E.P. Industries specializes in the conceptualizing, design, prototyping and manufacture of many technologies for the government, fire-fighting, U.S. Military, and aerospace industries.

In addition to R&D, Eddie is well-known for his work with movie and television studios as a director, stunt coordinator, and builder of vehicles and mechanical effects.  Everyone in the world has seen Eddie's work and probably never realized it.  He's invented, built, created for such blockbusters as:  Cars, The Fast and the Furious, XXX, E.T., Grease, Back To The Future, Bones, Shark Week, Dukes Of Hazard, Fantasy Island and many others listed below.

E.P. Industries operates out of a high-tech 25,000 sq. ft. facility that includes an automotive customizing and painting department, 15 CNC work stations, 2 CNC routers, CNC plasma-cutting, 3-D digitizing, metal fabrication and welding shop, plastics and woodworking, vacuum-forming, and state-of-the-art digital animation, digital photography, video production and editing.

You can see the vast array of Eddie's Experience by downloading his resume.


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