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Derek Partridge

Derek Partridge is an EMMY and TELLY Award-winning host and voice-over artist.  His distinctive voice and British accent has made him a popular choice for networks like National Geographic, TNT, BBC, PBS, and SkyTV.  His work as an anchor/correspondent for FNN (now CNBC) puts him at the top of the list of respected journalists.

Derek has an interesting background.  He owes his life to the famous British actor Leslie Howard - literally.  The story was made into a compelling documentary "The Mystery of Flight 777".  Derek was on a plane from Portugal to England. He was asked to give up his seat for an important VIP - Leslie Howard.  Just hours after the plane took off, it was shot down by German Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots.  Everyone on board died.  Derek later became an officer in the RAF.

His voice has been used for some of the top companies in the world:  Walt Disney, Intel, McDonnell Douglas, Calloway Golf, Mercedes Benz, Warner Bros, Paramount/Star Trek, Bank Of America, Sirius, Nestle and many more.

You've probably already seen Derek in many hit TV shows:  Star Trek, Murder She Wrote, TJ Hooker, Remington Steele, Hunter, and Dallas. He's also appeared in films alongside Oscar winner Jack Palance, Tom Skeritt, David Niven, Michelle Phillips, and Dirk Bogarde.

Derek speaks many languages - English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

You can see, listen, and read about Derek's incredible background and work on his website - Derek Partridge Television.

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