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Gene Riehl

FBI Counterintelligence/Espionage
Gene Riehl was an FBI agent for more than twenty years, serving in Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, California.  As an agent he worked virtually every category of federal crime - including kidnapping, extortion, bank robbery, major art and jewelry thefts, and organized crime - but he specialized in undercover assignments, foreign counterintelligence and counterespionage.

After a three-year deep undercover assignment in a major American city, he was assigned to a Special Operations Group (SOG), an off-site team that conducted special surveillances, short-term undercover operations, and provided support for sensitive wiretap investigations.  The four years Riehl spent with the SOG are the basis for his television project Black Ops:FBI, which is currently in development in Hollywood.

His first novel, Quantico Rules, is an FBI thriller from St. Martin’s Press. The drama of agent Puller Monk continues in the sequel  Sleeper.  Quantico Rules has also been released by publishing houses in France and China, and was a selection of Le Grand Livre du Mois, the premier French book-of-the-month club in Paris.

Work on Riehl’s third FBI-thriller is already in progress.  Continuing with FBI Agent Puller Monk - the critically-acclaimed protagonist introduced in Quantico Rules and further developed in Sleeper - the as-yet-untitled story is set in London, Beijing, and Washington.

In addition to writing, Riehl serves as an on-air counterterrorism analyst for the Meredith Broadcasting Group, with CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN affiliates across the United States.

Gene Riehl lives in La Jolla, California.

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