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Chris Heben


Christopher Heben is a United States Navy SEAL Commando.  Chris' experience as a Navy SEAL and a US government contractor consists of more than ten years of extreme field operations across the Middle Eastern, African, Southwest Asian and European theaters of operation. Chris has enforced US foreign policy in these regions with extreme prejudice and with the highest degree of professionalism. His conflict experience has taken place in some of the world's most extremely violent and hostile regions.

His advanced warfare qualifications consist of HALO, sniper, technical shooting, small unit tactics, advanced urban contact, MOUT operations. Close Quarters Battle (CQB)/Close Quarters Defense (CQD), combat pistol, combat rifle, explosive and manual breaching, lock picking, advanced accelerated freefall, communications, photo intelligence, diplomatic protection, and tactical combat casualty care (TCCC).

Chris has contracted with Blackwater USA and was assigned as a Special Operations Section Leader and as a Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM) to its Department of State's WPPS Mobile Dignitary Protection Program. He also performed duties as Special Operator for its 'Select' Programs Division and was Blackwater USA's acting Director of Medical Operations for the Joint Special Operations Aviation Detachment (JSOAD) STOL projects in Africa and Afghanistan.

He is the co-founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Medical Security International - an Integrative Tactical Emergency Medical Company. MSI provides the highly skilled individuals to meet the needs of several US government organizations as well as providing cutting edge training to civilian police officers and public safety personnel. MSI also trains groups in the combat medical tactics, techniques and materials being used by the world's most elite military and medical organizations. Click here for an MSI Demo.

Chris has an AAS degree in Physician Assistant/Surgeon Assistant studies from Cuyahoga Community College, a BA in Health Sciences from Cleveland State University and a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) with a concentration in Orthopedics from University of Nebraska Medical Center.

You've probably seen Chris on ABC, CNN, FOX, Discovery Channel (Secrets of Seal Team 6) and others.



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